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We upgraded our services in accordance with our business strategy. At this time we cover areas: consulting, food, real estate, agriculture and tourism.


The beginning of every successful job is based on consulting. Every market has its own rules. It is necessary to know that through consulting and guidelines we know what we are aiming for, what is our strategy and goals we want to achieve.


The food industry is one of the world’s biggest challenges. Consumer habits in the area of ​​food and products that are offered are constantly growing. We focus on food that has organic production and first of all, taking care of people’s health.


Target is a specialized agency with license management and representation of various segments within the real estate. Our team has experience in business connectivity in the area of ​​the Great Britain, Cyprus, Egypt and Southeast European countries.

We are always open for new business connections.


Agriculture is a traditionally demanding area that, apart from influencing development, ensures information about agricultural products origin. We are developing through agriculture on our own plantations, but also by connecting through the representation of products that strengthen  agriculture.


Qatar tourism authority has a clear vision of a development of tourism. Numerous world congresses, sports events and business conferences are placed in Qatar. Qatar Airways is one of the world’s leading airline companies, thanks to which many Qatar citizens are constantly searching for new destinations.

Tourism activity is linked through the possibilities of cooperation in different areas from individual, professional tours to the destination presentation.

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